Welcome to Spoilerville!

This blog is an experiment at present — one that I hope will be fun!  I created it to allow readers of books and short stories to make comments that might contain spoilers.  It will allow those who have already read a book or story to talk about it openly.

We are adding books and new authors almost daily now, so keep checking back.  And if you don’t see a book here that you’d like to talk about, ask its author leave a message for me here or on Facebook.

I don’t plan to moderate with a heavy hand, but understand that being grossly uncivil to others will probably get you uninvited.  I reserve the right to uninvite participants, edit and delete comments, and generally act as if I own the place.  I do.  I believe John Scalzi has said it best, so I’ll quote what he says (in part) on his own site:

“A good rule of thumb is to comment as if the person to whom you are commenting is standing in front of you, is built like a linebacker, and has both a short temper and excellent legal representation.”

  1. Craig Faustus Buck says:

    Great idea, Jan!

  2. Jan Burke says:

    Thank you, Craig!

  3. sonyadunham says:

    Holy Moly! This is just the place I needed right now. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

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